Welcome to my website.


TX is a simple game engine I wrote for a uni group project:
  • Written in C++, OpenGL.
  • rcbc, An external COLLADA parsing and rendering library (written in C).
  • Bullet Physics engine
  • Scripting with Lua & Luabind.
  • Simple In-game editing with a GUI written in QT 4.5.
  • Textures loaded using DevIL.
  • MinGW cross compiling (Builds for Windows and Linux).
  • Levels read from XML using MiniXML.
  • A very basic, block pushing, example game (a clone of Sokoban).

Source code on github.
rcbc COLLADA library on github.
Doxygen documentation for both engine and rcbc collada lib.
Win32 build.
Status: Abandonded, old university code. When last checked it compiled but Bullet segfaulted.

TX #5: This video shows off most of the features of the complete project in a debug area. Shown is the Bullet physics, Lua scripted objects (teleporter, rotate, scripted pulsating visual effect, door, unlocking trigger).

TX #4: This video shows the example game. Also the QT edit properties window (at 4:10).

TX #3 alpha: This shows the early basic editing. Later on a simple editor UI was written in QT 4.5 to allow for model selection and properties (see video #4).

TX #2 alpha: Demonstrating the physics engine integration with collision and gravity.

TX #1 alpha: Demonstrates the Lua scripting. Cubes have Lua scripts bound to them making them run away from the player.